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English Commentary – If you wish to read an easy to understand complete English translation of the Daily Daf then our English Commentary is for you. Our Daf Notes English translation incorporates the discussions of the Gemara for the advanced learner’s review and at the same time offers an easy to understand translation for the beginner where you can learn and review the Daf Yomi in under 20 minutes a day!

Daf Insights – In conjunction with the Daf elucidation, we offer some additional food for thought, what we call Daf Insights . These Insights consist of Halachic and Aggadic topics and can be used as a springboard for further research and learning.

Daily Mashal – We attempt to glean something practical from each and every Daf; something that can make a positive difference in your life.

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The elucidation of the daily Daf using our Daf Notes allows you to learn the daily Daf with clarity and retain what you have studied. Studying the Daf Yomi accompanied with our Daf Notes will also make you feel accomplished in your studies and enable you to feel part of the world-wide Daf Yomi movement.

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