Slect a daf


The new website is very user friendly.
Thank you so much for your efforts and hard work.
The notes are clear and very helpful.

Kol Tov,

Shmuel J.

Thank you so much!
The new web page is excellent!
Mazal Tov & yasher koach!!!

Dr. David

Dear Rabbi Adler,

I have been receiving and using your Daf Notes now for quite some time in parallel with my attending a daily Shiur in Hebrew here in Jerusalem.
I want to thank you and to express my great appreciation for what your Daf Note has contributed to my Gemara studies. It was invaluable, having come to Torah study late in life.
Kind regards.

Shalom T.

Dear Rabbi,
Thank you for the learning you kindly provide to enhance the study of talmud; May you be blessed for your endeavours.
Wishing every measure of G-d’s blessings on your new website in every sphere and dimension. It is your insights, with G-d’s guidance, dear Rabbi that illuminate the website. It is the substance that you write that is precious; the website is simply the packaging which ensures that your precious insights are kept and presented in the right packaging for delivery.
May G-d continue to inspire, guide and motivate you in this most significant matara by which to disseminate teachings that can and, with G-d’s help, will bring profound torah wisdom moreso to the world.

Michael S.

Mazel Tov! Beautifully done. In today’s day and age even Torah has to look beautiful…but whatever works! Chazak v’ematz!


I have been subscribed to dafnotes since the current cycle began.
Thank you for this exceptionally helpful resource.
I can only imagine the amount of work that goes into preparing the material for the daily daf and am always grateful to receive it.

Gary K.

Congratulations on the new site. You have done an excellent job. Tizku l’mitzvos.

Yitzchak K.